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Time to hit the road!

Haifa, 2/July/2017

Dear friends,

Well, that’s it, it is time for action!

As most of you are aware I am going soon to South Africa as a volunteer photographer from mid-July until mid-August.

A bit of background.

Since I was “let-go” after serving for few years as a volunteer policeman (I am too old!) I was looking for an outlet for my “contribute to the community” aspirations. It took quite some time, but I finally found something. It actually looks ‘too good to be true’, a perfect combination of my photography hobby and a volunteering activity. I am going for a month to serve as a volunteer photographer in Kruger Park area in South Africa.

The organization I am volunteering with is African Impact. They run many types of volunteer’s activities and their WEB site is full of information. The Israeli agency that I used to get in touch with African Impact is GoEco through their Israeli branch GoEco-IL .

We will stay at Dumela Lodge near the entrance to Kruger Park.

Mission of our group

Our project will focus on photography and documentation of wild life in South Africa.

Honest to god that’s about all that I know. No clue yet if it involves staying in a hideout, waiting for the animals to come to a watering hole or running around, looking for them. Will focus be on big or small creatures, insects or flowers, flora or fauna. Nada, it is all a mystery but I am confident that the African Impact team is experienced and knows their way around.

We will get all the details when we land in our base at Dumela Lodge. Most of the first week will be devoted to nature photography and Adobe Lightroom course and the rest mostly to photography and maintenance of their photographs database.

I do not know exactly what and how we will do our job but I am excited and ready for every task.

My Blog about the trip.

As much as I know the internet connection in the lodge is shaky. As I would like to minimize the amount of communication I will have to use in order to be in touch with my friends I opted to use a blog. I will write when I will have something worth sharing and you will be able to read it at your own time.

The blog is hosted on my WEB site, Yes, I know and agree, the name is a bit presumptuous but easy to remember. The site hosts some of my photography and sculpture works. You are welcome, come inside and take a look. The site looks at its best in full-screen mode, not all browsers support full screen (e.g. EDGE) so pick one that does (e.g. IE).

If you wish to be notified by email whenever I post something please go to the ‘Subscribe’ page and provide your name and email address. No panic, I will not over flood you and you may remove yourself from the list at any time.

Please note that I am a blogging newbie, I never blogged before and I intend to write as if I am writing a private letter to each of you.

You may also write to me, I will make an effort to reply, either in private or in public. You can post a comment on the blog page or send a note through the ‘About’ to page.

made a choice to run this blog in English, so that my friends and family around the world will enjoy it too. From time to time I will write in Hebrew too, so my grandchildren will be able to read what I write for them without their parents distorting the message.

All the equipment is ready; I am anxious and excited about the future and hope that the mission will be as good as my dreams. My son-in-law, Yehuda, and I will spend the week before reaching South Africa week in Zimbabwe. We will visit Victoria Falls, Hwange reserve and Bulawayo.

Be back in mid-August.




  • My personal Facebook page is Moca which is rarely updated.

  • African Impact has a strong Facebook presence. The main page is African Impact - South Africa Conservation Projects. The main photography page is African Impact Photography. The team updates the pages from time to time. I will post later if there will be a page or news about our group.

  • The elephant’s photo was taken back in 1989, on our first trip to Kenya.

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